There are some design mistakes which can turn website development in Houston into a far less efficient online strategy for consolidating your online presence and attracting new visitors. Even more, some of those mistakes may alienate visitors, lower your traffic, and decrease conversion rates. Discover what these mistakes are below.

•    Not optimizing your website for all major web browsers – Internet Explorer may be very popular on Windows, but it doesn’t work on either Mac OS or Linux and its many variants.

•    Building a website that visually impaired people cannot browse – If your website doesn’t support font scaling while preserving the overall layout, many visually impaired people will not be able to read your content.

•    Failing to optimize your website for mobile users – Professional website development in Houston uses a responsive design to ensure your website displays properly on any screen size and almost any mobile device, and helps keep the GPRS speeds fast.

•    Not making your website SEO friendly – An SEO expert in Houston can help you optimize your website’s content, tags, as well as theme and code to increase its online visibility in search engines such as Google or Bing. If you’re website isn’t SEO friendly, you are losing traffic and local customers.

•    Not providing a comprehensive and relevant FAQ section – Whether it’s a business or non-profit website, the FAQ section is where many first-time visitors go to to learn more about your products or campaigns.

•    Making contact information hard to find – Many people visit a website, especially on mobile devices, in order to find contact information such as an address, phone number, or email. All these must be one click or one tap away from the homepage, gathered under an easy to reach Contact page.

•    Failing to provide an intuitive navigation – The navigation standards that govern the arrangement of the essential pages on your website, such as Homepage, About, Contact, and (drop-down) menu items, as well as links must be respected. Changing them for innovation’s sake can result in confusing for visitors.

•    Annoying visitors with pop-ups – Using cookies to ensure that a pop-up a visitor has closed on a previous visit doesn’t appear again helps prevent feelings of frustration that inevitably arise if users have to turn down each time they visit your site an offer they are not interested in. Consider using pop-ups only occasionally, as newsletter sign-up prompts or for special, exclusive offers.

•    Not adequately formatting your content – Many visitors don’t take the time to read your web pages from beginning to end, but rather scan the headings, bullet points, and links looking for the information they need.

•    Using a poor color scheme – The colors in your logo don’t always make for a great website color scheme. A bold or unusual color scheme may tire visitors, reducing the time they spend on your website. Moreover, it may make your site impossible to read for visually impaired people, and even distract users from your message.

Do you recognize any of these web design and development mistakes in your website? We at Square Melons would be glad to help you fix them through our specialized services centered on professional web development in Houston.

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