Web Development Trends

Whether you’re thinking about developing a new website or revamping your current website, there are a couple of Houston web development trends that can inspire you to create a better, more engaging site. Here are three of them to which you should pay special attention in 2016.

Blurring Background Images to Speed Up Loading Times

It’s called the “blur up” technique, and it’s being used by more and more visually-heavy websites, including Facebook. It works by scaling a smaller image, blurring it, and then gradually loading it when a visitor accesses the site. The result can be a significant improvement in the page loading time, as much as 30%.

The benefits of the “blur up” technique are especially noticeable for users with a slow Internet connection, or for those accessing your website through a mobile network.

The Disappearance of the Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu, which usually takes on the form of three stacked horizontal lines, hence its name, has been during the last few years one of the most controversial web design elements. Many themes, popular websites, and mobile apps have been using it to hide whole menus of features and settings, and sometimes as a replacement for a main menu or sidebar.

The hamburger menu has fallen out of fashion, though, largely because web developers have realized that visible menus improve user comprehension and engagement. YouTube has removed its hamburger menu, and so did Google. More websites and apps will likely follow suit in 2016. If you still have one, make sure you add its removal to your Houston web development checklist.

The Introduction of Subtle Web Page Loading States

An improvement over the good old spinning icons or loading bars, a subtle web page loading state uses CSS transforms and animations to serve visitors waiting for content to load a subtle visual representation of the loading process. Here are a few basic examples of subtle loading states in action, together with the code that makes them possible.

Also, take a look at the Facebook newsfeed, to get a taste of this new web development trend. Subtle web page loading states work great with many types of content and can add a nice touch to your website.

Working with a team of professional web developers who provide high-quality website development in Houston, such as Square Melons, is a simple and effective way to make sure the latest and most important web development trends make it into your final website design. To get started, tell us about your project.

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