For any startup, an engaging website has become the cornerstone of a good online presence, being the place where potential customers as well as potential investors go to to find out more about the brand and discover available products and services. At Square Melons we fully understand the importance of website development in Houston for startups and are committed to helping new businesses consolidate their identity with beautifully crafted and easy to navigate websites. Drawing on our experience in working with startups, we can confidently say that the following 5 website development tips are worthwhile for any startup that aims for a solid online presence.

Build a web_developmentresponsive website

Responsive design is the new Web standard. It guarantees that your website displays properly and is fully functional on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Most web traffic today comes from mobile devices, and failing to deliver a good mobile experience for smartphone and tablet users invariably results in lost opportunities. Our website development in Houston is nothing if not a celebration of responsive design.

Focus on organic search engine optimization (SEO)

Organic SEO benefits your startup in many ways: it boosts your online visibility, provides the kind of long-term exposure that ads cannot, offers excellent value for every dollar spent, enriches your pages and web content, and makes you easier to find for mobile users. For a startup, organic SEO is the cost-effective and elegant solution to generating more traffic and leads in a natural and transparent manner, which is why we offer a transparent SEO service in Houston

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to getting your message across clearly and making a powerful statement. The best website development in Houston can concentrate the essence of your brand into a streamlined, minimalistic design that makes your website easy to browse and a pleasure to view. Today, when there are so many website plug-ins and add-ons and when graphic design talent abounds, it’s easy to turn your website into a confusing pandemonium of graphic elements, features, pop-ups, and subscription forms. But web users like it simple, and so do we.

Stand out with your logo

The logo is often the first thing that visitors to your website see and, when you’re a startup, you will be judged by your logo. A confusing, unprofessional logo with illegible text and visuals that look like an uninspired, faded tattoo can put people off. That’s why, as part of our complete website development in Houston, we offer high-quality logo design services.

Give them a mobile app they can’t refuse

Last but not least, you should seriously consider mobile app development in Houston as something you can run in parallel with your website development efforts. That’s because many mobile users prefer apps to websites. Apps are in many ways more convenient than websites, in that they run more smoothly, are easier to navigate, and can have many extra features websites can never have. At Square Melons we take mobile app development as seriously as web development and can create for you fast, engaging, and bug-free apps for the iPhone and iPad as well as for Android.

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