When it comes to conducting seo for a website, it is very important that you or the company you are using to do seo for you does a lot of research. Seo is not something a person can just learn once and use forever. It is an ever changing process which requires you to constantly be doing research. With every update, the search engines become smarter and better at telling the difference between good and bad quality websites.

This is done in many different ways are there are many factors that go into ranking with for your wanted keywords. From social media presence to backlinks and valuable content, there are many things that tie together to help you rank on the search engines and gain valuable traffic for your business. Recently Google announced that they will be making a major update in their ranking system to further filter out sites that are helpful to their customers vs the ones that are not as much.

On April 21, Google will be making changes that will give priority to websites that are mobile and tablet friendly vs the ones that are not. This is because now many people have started using their mobile devices to conduct searches and google wants to make sure that they are referred to websites which will function properly on their devices instead of giving them problems.

Remember that Google likes user friendly websites, and when a site is not mobile friendly it is often hard to navigate through it, thus not being user friendly and causing the user to be disappointed. When a website is set up to be responsive it works perfectly and looks great no matter what platform you are using to view it. Whether it be a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone it will re adjust to fit perfectly and change to look great no matter what screen you are viewing it on. This makes it much more enjoyable for the user to use your website and browse and navigate around it.

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