Mobile app development in Houston has gone a long way in recent years, becoming a complex process that involves software developers, graphic designers, analysts, web development experts, and more. For this reason, a business that wants to build a successful mobile app needs to take app development seriously and not let itself be daunted by the seemingly endless mobile development possibilities available today. If your business needs a new mobile app, here are a couple of DOs and DON’Ts that will help you built a better application.

•    DO offer your customers a fast and bug-free application. It is astonishing how many mobile apps stutter, crash, or are otherwise riddled with small but annoying bugs. Investing in high-quality mobile app development in Houston to create a bug-free application will make you stand out in both the App Store and on Google Play.

•    DON’T forget to update your app. Your customers and followers will stop using your app or even remove it from their mobile devices if you don’t keep the content fresh, add new features periodically, and fix bugs relentlessly. Make sure you notify users whenever you launch a new update.

•    DO invest in both iPhone application development and Android application development in Houston. In the US, Apple’s iOS may remain the preferred mobile platform for most users, but Android is so widely used that not developing a high-quality app for it will mean losing customers.

•    DON’T pester users with adds or in-app purchases. If you can’t offer an entirely free app, then make sure the built-in advertising or in-app purchases are not invasive and don’t affect the user experience. If they do, your app will be uninstalled in no time.

•    DO make sure your app runs well on both tablets and smartphones. Because most tablets don’t have the calling functionality of smartphones, no back-facing camera, and often only limited connectivity, some features of your mobile smartphone app may not be available to tablet users. In that case, you will want to find a provider of mobile app development in Houston that can ensure your tablet app is exciting even with fewer features.

•    DON’T overwhelm users with buttons, menus, or choices. However, you don’t want to dumb down your app and make it indistinguishable from the myriad other apps out there. A way to create an exciting app that yet manages to be easy to use is to hire a team specialized in application development in Houston.

In the end, mobile app development in Houston requires creative ideas, a thorough analysis of your market, experience in application and software development, and exhaustive testing to eliminate bugs. If you want to create a successful application for your business or organization, you must choose your mobile app developer in Houston with care. At Square Melons, we are a creative, experienced, and dedicated team of mobile app developers who can turn your mobile app ideas into exciting applications for both Android and iOS. Let us build a great app for you!

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