The face of business development changes so often, it might be hard to keep up. One day it’s online marketing, and the next, it’s mobile technology. It can get frustrating, but change is what propels society forward and it’s what brings customers to your doorstep.

An old (or bad) website can actually divert potential clients away from your business, but I’m sure you knew that. There are two issues: First- it’s quite hard to know whether your site needs an overhaul if customers don’t say so, so you’ll need to consult the services of a web development team for ideas. However, therein lies the second issue: investing in newer, more eye catching website design is the way to go if you want to stay afloat, but there are several things to consider before jumping in.

1.    Why Are You Making the Change?

Developers need to know what you’re trying to change up before they start creating your new platform. Some parts of the page might be revolutionary while others may look like they’re from MS DOS. Make sure to not change the site layout too frequently because it may anger regular customers. Frequent layout changes also indicates terrible web development oversight.  So do it right.

Is the issue about a confusing interface, increasing accessibility or improving search engine standings (or all of the above)? It’s your job to highlight what needs changing to save yourself some time and money. Plus, developers need to know what to address before they start working.

2.    CSS Modifications

A website’s appearance may not be that great, but sometimes, you can adjust the site’s appearance by altering the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file to avoid a major overhaul.

3.    Hiring the Right Web Team

In an ideal situation, you want to change site design only once to keep everyone happy. Obviously this will never be the case and you’ll probably need a new site layout once in a while, but by hiring a quality web development company will keep the frequency of changes down.

Do some research and listen to word of mouth- usually this will guide you to a good firm. Hiring the wrong guys can cost you serious time and money.

4.    Site Layout Implications

If you need enough changes in webpage layout to warrant hiring a web development company, you’ll need to be able to visually see the impacts a new design can have on operations. Most quality companies will use a set of algorithms to check on-site and off-site traffic analytics to check traffic- these results can help you predict business output. Try testing a few pages at a time.

Make sure to back up the old design in case anything terrible happens, but if you do your research well, you should be satisfied with your new web layout. Square Melons is a Houston- based website development company that has built a solid reputation by providing clients the information and hands on tools to create a customized website that not only looks great, but also increases traffic! Their team of creative coders can tackle any project at an affordable price- so check them out today!

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