In today’s world, everyone claims that they’re the best web/app developer around and unfortunately for you, you’re stuck between choosing an unqualified programmer and an expensive software firm. Where on Earth do you go for the ones in the middle?

1. Local Gatherings

Many cities across the United States have some sort of local meet-up for app developers and clients to discuss and collaborate on projects. If you simply Google “Houston Android Meet” or “New York iOS Meet”, you’ll be given a wide range of gatherings aimed at suiting your needs. Most of the time, these meetings will consist of prospective clients or people with ideas coming in to either discuss pricing or pitch their ideas, respectively. This can be a great tool to use if you’re stuck and searching for a qualified developer to help you out.

2. Mailing Lists

Many high profile developers can do work for you, but you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for it. A great alternative for those who like research is to find a good developer’s mailing list. Generally these will consist of other contractors who are more than capable of doing the job at a rate that won’t make your eyeballs fall out.

3. Conferences

If you’re interested in the world of web development and have some time to kill, a great way to find a high quality programmer/web developer is via a developer conference. There are tons every year in every region imaginable. Obviously, you’ll have to pay to attend, but there’s a high chance that you’ll find somebody of interest to you.

4. Social Media

Finally, the most common and also most misused way of finding quality developers is through social media. Some people prefer to sift through Facebook and Linkedin pages to find someone who can take up a job, but oftentimes, they become a recruiter hotspot and your messages could easily be regarded as spam. The best places to look for developers are Twitter and A simple search by keyword can filter the results and you can find a serious developer in no time flat.

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