The online market is a competitive one, but help is not hard to find. While it can be difficult to get your own Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign up and running, having this task performed by an expert in PPC campaigns can have many special benefits.

While going at it alone certainly has an element of excitement, it is not always the most advantageous route. For those online merchants in the area, following are a few reasons having your Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign run by an expert in PPC for Houston can bring you the best results.

1. Insightful Keyword Research        

Sounds easy enough, just pick a few words to describe your products or service, right? It is actually more complex. The keywords chosen will decide the final success and failure of your campaign. The wrong words will result in many clicks — all of which you pay for— but very low conversion rates. Soon your campaign will hit the skids.

An expert in PPC for Houston will apply many different data points to create an optimal view of your online sales environment. This will allow for top quality keywords and a more efficient campaign.

2. Superior Ad Copy

One of the greatest powers a PPC manager has is the power of observation. By understanding what is and what is not working for others in your industry, a professional PPC manager can create good copy. Without extensive experience in selecting Ad Copy, it is difficult to tell the good copy from the bad.

In the end, you might be left with an effective campaign and not even know it.

3. Experienced Tracking

Without extensive experience in reading the KPIs that indicate if your PPC campaign is actually making progress and how, you could make blind decisions with your valuable resources. Understanding the information from you campaign trackers will allow you to concentrate your efforts and resources on where they will be most effective.

This type of keen insight into a campaign requires experience. The task of tracking the success of your campaign to its source means understanding how to interface across phone lines, mobile devices and across the web as a whole— certainly a task that is best performed by a professional.

In Conclusion PPC in Houston can be one of the best ways to gain attention from high-quality traffic. This can ultimately lead to greater sales from the best ROI in all advertising. But the greatest results can’t be expected from amateurs making guesses; this can only be done by the professionals. If you need some expert guidance for your campaign, contact us as we’re one of the best web development experts in Houston.


It’s actually very easy to recognize a quality web design that is attractive and engaging. Although, it is sometimes hard to point out the precise differences between an effective web site, one created by an experienced web developer, and one of those other web sites that makes a visitor move on to another option.

As a reputable web developer in Houston, Square Melons adheres to the best practices for designing and producing a web site, which then translates to an engaging impact which provides an effective approach to online marketing.

Here are some of the ways how the Web Development and SEO Experts in Houston evaluate their work:

Speed — keeping the coding original and streamlined is not only a hallmark of superior work; it makes the page run faster. Online customers are pressed for time (it seems) and long waiting periods detract from your visitor rates.

Clearly Defined Goals — every byte of coding, every picture added and every design choice must be aligned with the goal of driving clients toward one action. This may be purchasing a product or service, signing up for a reading list or many other specific goals, but a website that lacks a clear goal will not effectively reach their visitors.

Simple Navigation — along the same line of having clear goals is having a user friendly navigation system. A website must make the visitor feel comfortable and in control, confusing navigational features throw off your customers and they may migrate to your competitor’s options.

Visual Impact — so much of what is communicated on a web site is done visually and a large portion of that in the subtleties of curves, angles, colors and shapes. This is an intricate science that can be surprisingly effective or counter-effective when wielded without skill. To ensure best results you will need a Web Developer in Houston that has a creative eye and can generate positive subconscious messages.

Original Plan — it begins at the moment of conception, a great idea may have the elements of many successful plan but will be uniquely geared toward its own purpose. Web Developers in Houston that take the time to fully understand their customer’s goals have a much better chance of helping achieve them.

In Conclusion

The skill and experience of the web developer you choose to create you site will determine how effective your web presence will be. Finding a professional web, app and custom software designer in Houston is best done by looking at their past results and skill displayed on previous projects.


Not a decade ago, the concepts of SEO and Web design were largely unknown and experts in the field were quite hard to come by. The rudimentary software and website developers in Houston were charging high rates for their work – but this has all changed.

Today it seems every high school student with a laptop is suddenly the local expert in SEO and Web Development for Houston. It’s quite possible that with a little attention to the process and a creative eye, you could even set your up your own fully functional website without breaking the $100 mark.

The problem with this is obvious enough, while an intermediate skill level can present you with a functional website, it will still only achieve intermediary results. For an effective site that incorporates unique designs and custom functions you will need to raise your sights and seek out an expert in versatile SEO service and Web Development for Houston.

Following are some characteristics of Top Quality Web Development. Refer to this listing when ascertaining the professionalism of a SEO or Web Developer in Houston who you may be considering for your project.

Cutting Edge Responsive Web Design – As more and more online people are moving from desktop to mobile web browsing, it is more important for company websites to be conducive to this form of display. This used to be done with the creation of two websites, but today the most sophisticated web developers in Houston are applying responsive web design to their sites. This allows the site to adjust its elements to the display on which it is viewed – without this who knows how many visitors you will miss.

Abreast with the Trends – Just like designers of the fashion industry, the hottest web designs and SEO experts in Houston keep their ears to the ground in anticipation of the next greatest thing. Large sprawling imagery and charming “storybook” presentations have been popular recently, who knows what the trend will be tomorrow? – Your local experts in Web Development for Houston, that’s who!

Your Dream Come True – The hallmark of a true Master is the capacity to take your idea and notions, no matter how obscure they may seem to you, and transform them into an experience your audience will find engaging. It is your unique perspective on the needs of your site that give your site value, but you will have to find a true master of web design if you are to see them come to life.

In Closing

The best thing about the web development being offered by web development agencies today, is that anything is possible and the price is now right. With these points on quality design and a clear idea of what you want, you should have no problem finding an expert in SEO and Web Development in Houston who can build you a dream for a decent price.

Custom Software Development

Companies like Square Melons – a custom software development company in Houston
– are getting more and more popular thanks to the increasing need for unique software solutions. By utilizing a program that was built specifically for a single company and its specific needs, a business can look forward to various potential benefits.

1. A Tailor-Made Solution

Traditional software solutions aren’t built to accommodate specific needs, but rather to provide a versatile tool that can help most companies, provided that they use them well. For some ventures they are perfect, but they cannot hope to rival custom-built software that was specifically built for the needs of a single corporate entity based on highly valuable input. Large software providers don’t, and cannot have that kind of insight, and that is why their products cannot beat tailor-made programs that were built by a company like Square Melon, a software developer in Houston.

2. Maintenance

While off-the-shelf software can provide free updates, they don’t come with a maintenance service. Conversely, buying a program from a custom software development company in Houston like Square Melons, usually involves a contractual agreement that includes some kind of maintaining service. This means that the relationship doesn’t end with the purchase, and the company continues to maintain the application and even fine-tune it whenever it is needed. This is one of the most important aspects of custom built software solutions.

3. Anti-Hacking Efforts

Hackers work by learning a system in the hope of discovering weak points. With custom built software, this danger is almost completely eliminated. To be able to beat a program, a hacker would have to become familiar with it, and when that software is custom built – and is likely not available anywhere on the internet -, the chance for a remote hack is significantly lowered.

4. Compatibility

A program created by an application development company in Houston is usually highly compatible, being designed to work well with a large variety of software solutions, especially off-the-shelf operating systems like Windows. Square Melons, an application development company in Houston, provides custom software that works really well with other applications. In addition to that, if any compatibility problem materializes, they take care of it. When the same thing happens with licensed software; it is likely the end of the road.

5. Scalability

Compared to their off-the-shelf counterparts, custom software are much more scalable. Square Melons, a website development in Houston, can provide a solution that almost always meets the company’s needs without it being too expensive to license.

6. Hardware Acquisition Costs

Off-the-shelf software solutions often require a hardware update too. Square Melons, a versatile mobile app development in Houston, offers programs that can be operated by a wide variety of computers and mobile devices, further increasing the versatility of these applications.

Basics of SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is growing to become more and more important for every online blog or company website. With so many website being created all over the web, SEO is a way for companies to generate content on their website to be boosted to the top of search engines when people type in key words. The keywords are general words that people will search for when they are not sure exactly which website they are wanting. Properly utilizing SEO will get your website out of the garbage and at the top of the results. Finding an SEO expert in Houston can be very difficult but worth every second when find the company that can do it for you.

Why is SEO Important?

As was stated earlier, well used SEO can get your company’s website to the top of the results in search engines. Finding a good SEO service in Houston can mean the difference between people clicking on your site or choosing another. Search engines are designed to be “smart” and can be rather finicky when it comes to what it thinks people are searching for. Finding someone who is an SEO expert in Houston can be an invaluable tool for marketing your company and boosting ratings. Only a fraction of users on search engines click past the first page and only a small percentage of people are willing to click on results below the top few on the first page. This is why it is so important that you optimize all of your website’s content for search engines.

Can SEO be Done Without Professional Help?

The short answer is yes, but only if you are willing to devote yourself to learning a craft. Search engine optimization is too important for most companies to try and do it on their own. Most people will be able to get the basics rather easily, but in a world where it’s first page or bust, just knowing the basics isn’t enough. Finding an SEO service in Houston is a necessary for any company that wants to be a competitor in the increasingly expanding internet market.

Software Development

One question many Houston-area businesses struggle with when making software development decisions is whether it makes more sense to build or buy.

At Square Melons, we know that is not an easy question, and there is no one right answer. There are, however, some basic things we recommend all our Houston customers consider before starting or considering any software development project.

First and foremost, what are your core business needs?

This is the single most important step and the one most frequently dismissed or short-shrifted by business folks anxious to get up and running. It is easy to think you already know what you need, but it always pays off, in the end, to take the time to make sure you thoroughly understand what you are trying to do before moving forward. Is it fun? Not particularly. Is it crucial? Absolutely. A good Houston-area software development partner can be invaluable in guiding you through this process.

Here is what you need to look at:

• What business process do you need to automate?

• What is your business strategy?

• What business need will be addressed by the new solution?

• How soon do you need to have the solution in place?

What are your core technical requirements

This is another critical step that is often overlooked by business folks, much to every CIO’s eternal chagrin. Before you start thinking about whether buying or building new software, you should find out if there are IT security, disaster recovery or compliance requirements that must be met. This is another of those “find out now or pay for it later” situations.

What is your current solution?

If you have an existing solution you are looking to replace, the main things to consider are:

• How are you meeting this business need today?

• How well does your current solution meet your present needs?

• Is your current solution scalable to meet your future needs?

• Do you have existing data that will need to be converted?

Your IT department and/or Houston software development partner will be especially useful when it comes to those last two items.

Are COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions available?

This is where it can get really tricky and for a couple of reasons.

First off, there is no such thing as out of the box when it comes to business software. Vendors are notorious for telling potential customers their software can do anything and everything.

Secondly, it is easy at this point to fall victim to Shiny New Object Syndrome. Existing wants turn into needs, entirely new wants and needs are discovered, and requirements can start to grow out of control.

Keep all of this in mind when COTS shopping and if you have a CIO and/or Houston software development partner, bring them along. Always make sure to ask COTS vendors the following:

• How much customization will be required to meet your needs?

• How much of that is configuration versus new development?

• How long will it take to make their product go-live ready?

• What is their process for data conversion?

Can your existing staff or software development partner support a new solution?

Knowing whether your in-house staff or current software development partner has the capacity and skills set to support a new solution is imperative. Expecting your IT resources to get up to speed on new software and database technologies while implementing a new solution is not realistic.

webdevelopment1When you need a higher profile for SEO recognition, Square Melons, the leading SEO expert in Houston, can quickly provide SEO features that will bring in exponential increases in the searches that identify your organization. The name, Square Melons, Inc., demonstrates an ability to grow and flourish in unexpected ways. Based in southwest Houston, Square Melons is a web developer and SEO expert bringing the best in web programming to the Houston area. Borrowing its name from the Japanese farming technique that places small watermelons in square packages, thus creating delicious, healthy and square melons at maturity, Square Melons is able to take your online needs and grow the perfect adaptation for your business.

Square Melons has enjoyed a fast rise to the top of the marketplace in Houston because of its flexibility and excellence in digital programming. Its ability to meld mobile apps to online search engines and other applications is a resounding strength, allowing the business to give its clients a huge advantage in advertising and basic digital functioning. With landing pages that assure the customer that they have found exactly what they are looking for, Square Melons is delivering the best in website development in Houston. Your SEO keywords are only the first step in the online growth of your business, and Square Melons is dedicated to the ongoing expansion of your business.

A good website needs an attractive design, and Square Melons is well known for adding a distinctive flair to software development in Houston. The innovative graphic ideas for your website can be integrated into every aspect of your businesses’ digital work, from marketing to accounting to communications. Your businesses’ mobile phones can be seamlessly connected to your scheduling and billing procedures, and your sales team will love what can be done with other mobile phone apps developed specifically for your business by Square Melons.

In order to service its clients properly, Square Melons will perform extensive analysis of every aspect of your business, from founding to current operation. This will allow it to create the perfect digital applications and systems for your unique needs. Square Melons works across platforms with professional ease and speed, integrating both iPhone and Android programming into your business system with maximum efficiency. Templates can serve as a crutch for many web developers, giving a halfway serviceable starting point for more specific programming, but Square Melons always starts from scratch, making every digital command specific to your business. They stay with the program, too, bringing you further improvements with their consultation services, which are scheduled for your most convenient updates and maintenance work. Your ongoing marketing programs can be adjusted for increases in volume and access, avoid the trap of overgrowth, which harms so many new businesses. For over four years, Square Melons has been one of the leading software developers in Houston, and today they can bring their graphic style, their application designs, their SEO abilities and their online efficiency directly to all of your businesses’ digital operations.

Organic SEO Tips For Local Stores

If you don’t think search engine optimization (SEO) is important for your local business, listen to this – 50% of all mobile searches look for local results*. And that’s not all – 61% of those searches lead to a purchase*. With this information in mind, and knowing that 4 out of 5 consumers shop on their smartphones**, it’s hard to downplay the key role that organic SEO can play in making your business website more visible online and easier to discover by local customers.

The best part about organic SEO is that it’s not as expensive as marketing. This means that even if you are a small local business with only a limited marketing budget, you can still manage to hire a SEO expert in Houston. Before you get started, however, here are a couple of things which can inspire your SEO efforts.

Use social media to boost your SEO

Publish fresh, SEO-friendly content on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social networks you’re active on a regular basis, every day or at least three times a week. The more shares and likes your content gets, the better, so focus on highly shareable content that can go viral. Google, Yahoo, and Bing will take note of it and of the social buzz it generates and then up your website’s Google ranking.

Invest more time and money into video marketing

SEO isn’t about keywords, it’s about content, in all formats, and videos are just great for SEO. Videos are easier to “consume” than text, can be more persuasive, and get far better organic page ranks in search engines than plain text. And don’t forget that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

Make sure your website runs smoothly on mobile

Mobile users are a huge force that drives local sales – they can help your business grow. One of Google’s key ranking factors is whether your website is optimized for mobile devices. Also good for SEO and for your business in general is to invest in mobile app development services in Houston for both iPhone and Android. A mobile app can consolidate your brand and can also help with SEO, as search engines are integrating apps into their search results.

Use a fresh and SEO-friendly theme

If your website is several years old, or you are not using a content management system such as WordPress, your website may be outdated in spite of its good looks. Have it checked by a website development company in Houston, who can run on it a quick SEO analysis. Chances are you may have to upgrade the theme or design.

Focus on local SEO

Optimizing your business website for local SEO is the most effective way to attract mobile searches and market it online. The emphasis should be not only on local keywords, but also on locally-optimized video and text content. Even if your website is not directly selling products, you can still benefit, as local searches encourage half of mobile visitors to visit your store within a day.

Keeping web development costs in check without sacrificing quality is a challenge for many individuals and small business owners. If you happen to be one of them and want to get the best value for every dollar you spend on website development in Houston, there are a couple of things you can do. Learn out more below.

Web Development Costs

Figure Out What Kind of Website You Want

Coming up with a basic plan for your website, including a few essential design goals that reflect the overall look and feel you’re aiming for will reduce the development time and allow the web development company to start working on the code faster. Many web development companies actually spend a lot of time understanding what their clients want. If you know what you want from the beginning, they will have less work to do, hence a lower bill.

Write Your Own Content

Every page on your website needs some form of content. A web development company can include content writing in its services, but this of course adds up to the total cost of web development. You may want to consider writing yourself key website content such as homepage content, About page, and Products & Services before actually contacting a web development company in Houston. More than cutting costs, you also ensure that your content truly reflects the vision of your business.

Choose to Work with an Established Web Development Company

A web development company in Houston with a good reputation will complete your project faster and more effectively, sparing you from long-term development costs, and all manner of unexpected fees or charges than an unprofessional developer may charge. At the same time, a top provider will be able to draw a clear and concise web development plan that will deal effectively with the biggest challenges your project raises.

Ask For Hourly Billing If Possible

Hourly billing can help you save money on larger or ongoing web development projects. Most providers of web development services in Houston tend to offer flat rates, but if you ask, some may be willing to agree to hourly billing.

Rely On One Provider

Last but not least, if you are shopping for complete web development services, including content writing, SEO optimization, marketing, and branding, choosing to work with a good quality provider that can offer all these services can actually prove to be more cost-effective in the long-term than outsourcing these to separate freelancers. More than saving you money, it also guarantees a higher standard for your work. At Square Melons, complete web development services in Houston, including SEO and marketing, is our specialty.

Mobile app development has become both a key marketing strategy and a necessity for many companies and organizations in Houston and beyond. While developing an iPhone or Android app has become easier than ever, mobile app development in Houston still presents many challenges. If the development of a mobile app is one of your priorities this year, here are some of the pitfalls of application development in Houston – avoid them at all costs.


Choosing the wrong platform

The benefit of Android application development in Houston is that Android is a very open platform, offering developers great freedom as far as APIs are concerned. At the same time, Android is also a fragmented platform, with many different devices running different versions of the software.

iPhone application development in Houston, on the other hand, comes with the advantage of a more uniform and in some ways more stable platform, less prone to app crashes. Ultimately, your choice should be based on the targets of your application and the platform your audience is using.

Not testing your app enough

Whether it’s Android or iOS, a rigorous and intensive period of testing is crucial to ensuring your app is bug-free and provides a high-quality user experience. Sometimes, in their desire to see their apps in the App Store or on Google Play as soon as possible, companies neglect testing their apps – the result can be disastrous. Regardless of the type of app you develop, make sure that your Android or iPhone app developer in Houston invests the necessary time and resources into properly testing your app.

Not ascertaining first whether there is a market need for you app

The fact of the matter is that both the App Store and Google Play are saturated with apps. Unless your app offers something new, or else does something better than similar apps, it will be hard for you to convince people to download and use your app, especially if it’s a paid app. Before starting application development in Houston, it’s very important to research your market and try to understand the needs of your audience.

Not marketing your app

Even if it’s well-made made, an app may still remain largely unknown if people don’t hear about it. For this reason, it’s a good strategy to choose an Android or iPhone app developer in Houston that has a marketing team and can help promote your app after launch. The more you invest in marketing your app, the easier it will be for users to discover it.

Avoiding the common pitfalls of mobile app development in Houston becomes a lot easier if you work with an experienced Android and iPhone app developer who has a track record of successfully developing apps for both platforms. At Square Melons, mobile app development is one of our specialties.

While redesigning your website isn’t something you have to do often, there comes a time in the lifetime of any website when a redesign becomes necessary. This is especially true of business websites in competitive, dynamic industries where trends change all the time. The reason for a redesign may not be a purely aesthetic one, although it often is.

Whether you have a small or a large website, whether it’s new or old, pay attention to the following signs. If you notice one or more of them, you should seriously consider a redesign, preferably through a professional provider of website development in Houston.

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices

Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t enough. Mobile traffic has overtaken computer traffic on the web, and businesses that fail to provide smartphone and tablet users with a high-quality mobile experience lose valuable leads.

Your website looks dated compared to the competition

Customers are naturally attracted to engaging, visually pleasing, and easy to navigate websites. If your competitors have newer, better-designed sites than yours, it’s time for a redesign.

Your website loads slowly

Many factors can contribute to a slow website, including poor hosting or images and video content not optimized for the web. The problem may also lie with the web design itself, the structure of your website and the HTML and CSS coding behind your theme. A fresh redesign from a provider of web development in Houston can easily solve these problems, speeding up your website considerably.

Your website ranks poorly in the Google search results

An SEO expert in Houston such as Square Melons can redesign your website with an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that all your web pages and content is optimized not only for Google, but also for Bing and Yahoo.

Your website has low conversion rates

A website that fails to generate leads and has low conversion rates in spite of the traffic it receives is in bad need of a redesign. A complicated website structure, missing calls to action, and a general lack of focus, all of these can have a significant impact on its power to convert visitors into customers. Professional website development in Houston with Square Melons aims not only to provide your audience with an engaging website experience, but also to boost your conversion rates.

If you are not a web designer or developer yourself, redesigning a website is best left to an expert. At Square Melons, we provide creative web development in Houston that makes your website stand out and attract customers like a magnet. Learn more about our website development services in Houston.

Web Development Trends

Whether you’re thinking about developing a new website or revamping your current website, there are a couple of Houston web development trends that can inspire you to create a better, more engaging site. Here are three of them to which you should pay special attention in 2016.

Blurring Background Images to Speed Up Loading Times

It’s called the “blur up” technique, and it’s being used by more and more visually-heavy websites, including Facebook. It works by scaling a smaller image, blurring it, and then gradually loading it when a visitor accesses the site. The result can be a significant improvement in the page loading time, as much as 30%.

The benefits of the “blur up” technique are especially noticeable for users with a slow Internet connection, or for those accessing your website through a mobile network.

The Disappearance of the Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu, which usually takes on the form of three stacked horizontal lines, hence its name, has been during the last few years one of the most controversial web design elements. Many themes, popular websites, and mobile apps have been using it to hide whole menus of features and settings, and sometimes as a replacement for a main menu or sidebar.

The hamburger menu has fallen out of fashion, though, largely because web developers have realized that visible menus improve user comprehension and engagement. YouTube has removed its hamburger menu, and so did Google. More websites and apps will likely follow suit in 2016. If you still have one, make sure you add its removal to your Houston web development checklist.

The Introduction of Subtle Web Page Loading States

An improvement over the good old spinning icons or loading bars, a subtle web page loading state uses CSS transforms and animations to serve visitors waiting for content to load a subtle visual representation of the loading process. Here are a few basic examples of subtle loading states in action, together with the code that makes them possible.

Also, take a look at the Facebook newsfeed, to get a taste of this new web development trend. Subtle web page loading states work great with many types of content and can add a nice touch to your website.

Working with a team of professional web developers who provide high-quality website development in Houston, such as Square Melons, is a simple and effective way to make sure the latest and most important web development trends make it into your final website design. To get started, tell us about your project.

seo tipsSearch engine optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of website development in Houston, helping websites to become easier to find online and more visible to a wider audience. If you have a website that caters to an audience based in Houston, or that provides local services, a SEO expert in Houston can be a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself in time. Before you find one, however, here are some straightforward and practical SEO tips you can put into practice right away.

Choose a responsive theme

If your website has a responsive theme, it will display beautifully on mobile devices. Not only will smartphone and tablet users be able to access it, increasing your traffic, but Google and other search engines will give your site a better search engine ranking.

Insert well-chosen keywords in your text content

Keywords can be added to your titles, subheadings, and text body. Just a few keywords, carefully chosen with Google’s Keyword Tool, will do. Also, keep in mind that keywords that appear in bold, italics, or in lists carry slightly more weigh that those in plain text. A SEO service in Houston such Square Melons provides can help you identify the best keywords for your website and use them consistently throughout your content.

Add keywords to images

Google will rank your site higher for image searches if your image titles contain relevant keywords. Also, add a descriptive text to the ALT tag for each image you publish on your site – this makes it easier for Google to understand what that image is about.

Add social media sharing buttons to your site

Social shares are one of the important factors that define your search engine ranking. Also, don’t forget to link to your social media pages.

Improve your website loading speed and performance

Google uses advanced algorithms to determine whether your website is slow or fast – smooth websites rank better in the search results. To improve your website’s speed, use a caching plugin, upgrade your web host, and keep your images small – don’t upload large resolution images unless you have to.

Effective SEO entails much more than the tips above. It’s an on-going, long-term process that helps your Houston-based website stay high on the first page of the search results, above your competitors. Because websites having a low SEO rank are today shunned by web users, you want to ensure that you work with a professional and reliable SEO expert in Houston, such as Square Melons.

Whether you have a business website, a professional blog, or any other type of website, the creative SEO team at Square Melons will help you dominate the search results. Learn more about Square Melons’ cost-effective SEO services.

Web design mobile app seo

In this day and age, it is nigh impossible to survive in the business world without an online presence. It is now all but a requirement for companies and small businesses to have some sort of online presence seeing as so many customers find and pursue services via this medium. However, it is also a fact that without an aesthetically pleasing and functional website or app, customers will likely not trust the owner of the website and will defer to another website or app which is more usable and beautiful. At Square Melons, we make you and your business the website others defer to, and ensure your customers are blown away by the functionality and beauty of your online presence by means of web development in Houston and mobile app development in Houston, among many other things. Here are some tips on things you can do to attract customers and make them stay.


SEO is an acronym which you will indubitably hear if you are working on or with websites. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is essentially a series of strategies used to increase viewership and thereby increase business. This is usually achieved by acquiring knowledge of what people search for when they need your type of service and then trying to make your website appear first on their search list. SEO can be very meticulous, which is why we offer SEO experts in Houston who can do all of this work for you, and do so with shining colors. However, SEO is the first step in getting customers familiar with you and your company. Getting them to do business with you requires more.

Aesthetically Pleasing Website

 Having a professional looking and functional website is so important to the success of your business. People who see beauty and functionality in the website will likely feel as though the company’s services are also beautiful and functional, which is a very good aura to give off. At Square Melons, we offer beautifully designed websites that are easy to manage, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye. Our Houston website development team is ready to get your website looking professional.

Functional App

Let’s face it; Apps are some of the most efficacious ways to get repeat business in today’s world. This is, in large part, due to the frequency with which people check their phones. Like a website, if you have a professional looking app that functions well and encourages use, you will not only gain customers once, but will likely get repeat business much more frequently than a company which does not have an app. Square Melons offers this development you need with our tech savvy Houston application development team.

With the internet being so popular and universal, it is very easy to leave a bad first impression, and eternally scar your company. Don’t let this happen to you. Let Square Melons ensure you leave a good impression on customers that not only works once, but repeats.


There are some design mistakes which can turn website development in Houston into a far less efficient online strategy for consolidating your online presence and attracting new visitors. Even more, some of those mistakes may alienate visitors, lower your traffic, and decrease conversion rates. Discover what these mistakes are below.

•    Not optimizing your website for all major web browsers – Internet Explorer may be very popular on Windows, but it doesn’t work on either Mac OS or Linux and its many variants.

•    Building a website that visually impaired people cannot browse – If your website doesn’t support font scaling while preserving the overall layout, many visually impaired people will not be able to read your content.

•    Failing to optimize your website for mobile users – Professional website development in Houston uses a responsive design to ensure your website displays properly on any screen size and almost any mobile device, and helps keep the GPRS speeds fast.

•    Not making your website SEO friendly – An SEO expert in Houston can help you optimize your website’s content, tags, as well as theme and code to increase its online visibility in search engines such as Google or Bing. If you’re website isn’t SEO friendly, you are losing traffic and local customers.

•    Not providing a comprehensive and relevant FAQ section – Whether it’s a business or non-profit website, the FAQ section is where many first-time visitors go to to learn more about your products or campaigns.

•    Making contact information hard to find – Many people visit a website, especially on mobile devices, in order to find contact information such as an address, phone number, or email. All these must be one click or one tap away from the homepage, gathered under an easy to reach Contact page.

•    Failing to provide an intuitive navigation – The navigation standards that govern the arrangement of the essential pages on your website, such as Homepage, About, Contact, and (drop-down) menu items, as well as links must be respected. Changing them for innovation’s sake can result in confusing for visitors.

•    Annoying visitors with pop-ups – Using cookies to ensure that a pop-up a visitor has closed on a previous visit doesn’t appear again helps prevent feelings of frustration that inevitably arise if users have to turn down each time they visit your site an offer they are not interested in. Consider using pop-ups only occasionally, as newsletter sign-up prompts or for special, exclusive offers.

•    Not adequately formatting your content – Many visitors don’t take the time to read your web pages from beginning to end, but rather scan the headings, bullet points, and links looking for the information they need.

•    Using a poor color scheme – The colors in your logo don’t always make for a great website color scheme. A bold or unusual color scheme may tire visitors, reducing the time they spend on your website. Moreover, it may make your site impossible to read for visually impaired people, and even distract users from your message.

Do you recognize any of these web design and development mistakes in your website? We at Square Melons would be glad to help you fix them through our specialized services centered on professional web development in Houston.

For any startup, an engaging website has become the cornerstone of a good online presence, being the place where potential customers as well as potential investors go to to find out more about the brand and discover available products and services. At Square Melons we fully understand the importance of website development in Houston for startups and are committed to helping new businesses consolidate their identity with beautifully crafted and easy to navigate websites. Drawing on our experience in working with startups, we can confidently say that the following 5 website development tips are worthwhile for any startup that aims for a solid online presence.

Build a web_developmentresponsive website

Responsive design is the new Web standard. It guarantees that your website displays properly and is fully functional on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Most web traffic today comes from mobile devices, and failing to deliver a good mobile experience for smartphone and tablet users invariably results in lost opportunities. Our website development in Houston is nothing if not a celebration of responsive design.

Focus on organic search engine optimization (SEO)

Organic SEO benefits your startup in many ways: it boosts your online visibility, provides the kind of long-term exposure that ads cannot, offers excellent value for every dollar spent, enriches your pages and web content, and makes you easier to find for mobile users. For a startup, organic SEO is the cost-effective and elegant solution to generating more traffic and leads in a natural and transparent manner, which is why we offer a transparent SEO service in Houston

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to getting your message across clearly and making a powerful statement. The best website development in Houston can concentrate the essence of your brand into a streamlined, minimalistic design that makes your website easy to browse and a pleasure to view. Today, when there are so many website plug-ins and add-ons and when graphic design talent abounds, it’s easy to turn your website into a confusing pandemonium of graphic elements, features, pop-ups, and subscription forms. But web users like it simple, and so do we.

Stand out with your logo

The logo is often the first thing that visitors to your website see and, when you’re a startup, you will be judged by your logo. A confusing, unprofessional logo with illegible text and visuals that look like an uninspired, faded tattoo can put people off. That’s why, as part of our complete website development in Houston, we offer high-quality logo design services.

Give them a mobile app they can’t refuse

Last but not least, you should seriously consider mobile app development in Houston as something you can run in parallel with your website development efforts. That’s because many mobile users prefer apps to websites. Apps are in many ways more convenient than websites, in that they run more smoothly, are easier to navigate, and can have many extra features websites can never have. At Square Melons we take mobile app development as seriously as web development and can create for you fast, engaging, and bug-free apps for the iPhone and iPad as well as for Android.


 Mobile app development in Houston has gone a long way in recent years, becoming a complex process that involves software developers, graphic designers, analysts, web development experts, and more. For this reason, a business that wants to build a successful mobile app needs to take app development seriously and not let itself be daunted by the seemingly endless mobile development possibilities available today. If your business needs a new mobile app, here are a couple of DOs and DON’Ts that will help you built a better application.

•    DO offer your customers a fast and bug-free application. It is astonishing how many mobile apps stutter, crash, or are otherwise riddled with small but annoying bugs. Investing in high-quality mobile app development in Houston to create a bug-free application will make you stand out in both the App Store and on Google Play.

•    DON’T forget to update your app. Your customers and followers will stop using your app or even remove it from their mobile devices if you don’t keep the content fresh, add new features periodically, and fix bugs relentlessly. Make sure you notify users whenever you launch a new update.

•    DO invest in both iPhone application development and Android application development in Houston. In the US, Apple’s iOS may remain the preferred mobile platform for most users, but Android is so widely used that not developing a high-quality app for it will mean losing customers.

•    DON’T pester users with adds or in-app purchases. If you can’t offer an entirely free app, then make sure the built-in advertising or in-app purchases are not invasive and don’t affect the user experience. If they do, your app will be uninstalled in no time.

•    DO make sure your app runs well on both tablets and smartphones. Because most tablets don’t have the calling functionality of smartphones, no back-facing camera, and often only limited connectivity, some features of your mobile smartphone app may not be available to tablet users. In that case, you will want to find a provider of mobile app development in Houston that can ensure your tablet app is exciting even with fewer features.

•    DON’T overwhelm users with buttons, menus, or choices. However, you don’t want to dumb down your app and make it indistinguishable from the myriad other apps out there. A way to create an exciting app that yet manages to be easy to use is to hire a team specialized in application development in Houston.

In the end, mobile app development in Houston requires creative ideas, a thorough analysis of your market, experience in application and software development, and exhaustive testing to eliminate bugs. If you want to create a successful application for your business or organization, you must choose your mobile app developer in Houston with care. At Square Melons, we are a creative, experienced, and dedicated team of mobile app developers who can turn your mobile app ideas into exciting applications for both Android and iOS. Let us build a great app for you!


Mobile app development in Houston has become an essential need for many businesses in the area. Even a small, local business can benefit from developing a mobile application. But developing a mobile application costs money, and many businesses may not be able to afford developing applications for all the major platforms, as is ideal, at least not from the beginning. In that case, it can be more cost-effective for a business to focus on the platform where most of its customers are active and then, in time, to reach out to other platforms as well. A quick look at the major app platforms can help your business decide where to begin its mobile app development in Houston.

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

The iPhone and the iPad are the most popular mobile devices among US owners, who use them for a variety of purposes, from practical applications to entertainment to work.  Investing in an iPad or iPhone application development in Houston is a sure way of reaching most of your target audience, assuming of course that the majority of your customers and potential customers are located in the United States. iOS stands out as an extremely well-developed and flexible platform, allowing for highly creative application development. As the world’s first major app platform, iOS boasts with no less than 1.4 million apps, which includes some of the best-quality apps on the market, as well as with plenty of apps which are available exclusively on this platform.


Android has been quickly catching up with iOS in the last few years, reaching a whooping market share of 81.5% of the global smartphone market. While at first Android had been the cheaper alternative to iOS, it can be said that Android has outgrown that status and, thanks to stunning mobile devices released specially for this platform, has now become a strong contender to iOS, with many people choosing it over the later because of its convenience and the generally lower price of Android-based devices compared to iPhones and iPads. The Android market is full of possibilities for app developers and businesses, but it’s a crowded place where standing out is becoming more and more difficult.

It’s very important that, before investing in Android application development in Houston for your brand, you use analytics and other research tools to establish whether most of your audience uses Android or not.

Windows Phone

The rising Windows Phone platform offers a rich entertainment experience, but at the same time is ideal for robust enterprise applications. While the number of devices running Windows’ mobile platform is steadily increasing, and most popular apps available on iOS and Android are available on this platform as well, Windows Phone is still dwarfed by the two platforms on this list. Unless we’re talking about enterprise-grade clients, few businesses could say that most of their customers are using Windows Phone, and yours is probably not one of them.

The Bottom Line

iOS and Android are the two essential mobile platforms for most businesses located in the US, although Windows Phone shouldn’t be ignored either. If your business needs a mobile app, it’s crucial that you invest in quality mobile app development in Houston, choosing an experienced and dedicated of developers such as, an Android and iPhone app developer in Houston, Texas, which has the competence to handle cross-platform mobile app development and can help you turn your ideas into a fast and smooth mobile app experience.

Web Design

A good web design improves the image of your brand, attracts traffic and customers to your website, and makes a favorable impression upon visitors. If your website has a poor or cluttered design, it’s unlikely that it will rank highly in the Google search results, and that will severely damage your brand’s reputation. Therefore, it is important that you build an appealing website, not just esthetically, but also in terms of navigation, functionality, speed, and accessibility. A website design Houston based company may help you with that. Here are a couple of things to look for in a web design and development company in Houston before hiring them.

Experience in building websites similar to your own

There are many types of websites out there; building a website for an e-commerce business is a different thing from building a blog for a local organization.

Continuous support

A website isn’t something that you build and then forget about. It requires relentless updates and improvement, in the form of new, search engine friendly content, regular design improvements based on analytic data, and effective management.

Track record

A good website design Houston based company has a portfolio with previous websites they have developed that showcases their skills and their values. By looking closely at their portfolio, you can get a better idea about what they can offer you than by simply reading their services section on their website.


While a web design company’s age isn’t necessarily a measure of their quality, older, more experienced companies tend to produce more consistent work and, more importantly, to maintain better relations with their customers, including better customer support and long-term assistance.

Whether they outsource work

Some web design firms have all the in-house specialists they need, while others compensate for their small teams by hiring freelancers. While there’s nothing wrong with the second approach so long as you get quality web design services, if the company outsources most of your project, then you could have actually become a freelancers myself and save some money in the process. The only way to find out how much outsourcing the company does is to ask them and hope for a transparent answer.

Whether they offer an SEO service Houston based. Good web design needs search engine optimization, which now has a greater reach that goes beyond keyword densities of articles published on your site, and includes design elements, the code behind the website, social media integration, and more. For best results, look for a company that balances online marketing with web design.

Still Searching For Good Quality Yet Affordable Web Design Houston

If you are looking for an effective and reliable website design Houston based company, can be an excellent choice. Offering a fine blend of web design, online marketing, mobile development, and search engine optimization services, has built to this date countless websites for companies in Houston. To find out more, please visit


When it comes to conducting seo for a website, it is very important that you or the company you are using to do seo for you does a lot of research. Seo is not something a person can just learn once and use forever. It is an ever changing process which requires you to constantly be doing research. With every update, the search engines become smarter and better at telling the difference between good and bad quality websites.

This is done in many different ways are there are many factors that go into ranking with for your wanted keywords. From social media presence to backlinks and valuable content, there are many things that tie together to help you rank on the search engines and gain valuable traffic for your business. Recently Google announced that they will be making a major update in their ranking system to further filter out sites that are helpful to their customers vs the ones that are not as much.

On April 21, Google will be making changes that will give priority to websites that are mobile and tablet friendly vs the ones that are not. This is because now many people have started using their mobile devices to conduct searches and google wants to make sure that they are referred to websites which will function properly on their devices instead of giving them problems.

Remember that Google likes user friendly websites, and when a site is not mobile friendly it is often hard to navigate through it, thus not being user friendly and causing the user to be disappointed. When a website is set up to be responsive it works perfectly and looks great no matter what platform you are using to view it. Whether it be a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone it will re adjust to fit perfectly and change to look great no matter what screen you are viewing it on. This makes it much more enjoyable for the user to use your website and browse and navigate around it.

If you are looking for an seo company in Houston or an seo expert in Houston make sure to contact so we can have an seo consultant in Houston come out to visit you and inform you on the latest seo strategies that can help you company rank high in your niche to get you valuable converting traffic today!

Spring break is a time when high school students are out of school and when college students are actually home from college and this contributes to the number of people who want to go shopping and go out to eat and spend time with friends. This is basically an increase in the market for business owners to profit off of. The most reasonable and rational thing to do would be to target these students who are willing to try new places and go out often win large groups to spend their money.

The only way though that these people will will be attracted or even informed about these businesses is if they market to them through social media and websites. It would be extremely beneficial for small companies to find seo experts in houston, and mobile app development in houston. These students are known for being attracted to their technology. when they get together they literally just search for restaurants near them and go to check it out. This is actually one of those times that even new businesses can prosper because school students have a whole week to explore the city and therefore often don’t even look for reviews and just vie shops and restaurants a chance. Aldo, they use their social media, if they like the place to promote it to their friends and family. It is like free marketing for the store without any effort.

Many stores do not take up these options because they do not think that internet marketing is needed. They believe that simply using fliers and having an open sign will eald to traffic. This is true for older generations, but taking into consideration that the population of teenagers in the city is increasing at this time, stores need to take into account who they are marketing to and how to reach these people. It would be useless for these stores to market to students through media that would not get the attention of the actual customer base.

This could be the kickstart of for a small business or the push that a waning business needs to come back to a stable state. The opportunity should not be passed up.

Spring break, to the advantage of these stores happens to be a few weeks because of the different school schedules. Their window of opportunity is still open for small businesses and they should take action quickly.

Houston is a city that has just gone through a boom of new businesses. Though this boom means that there is more competition, it also means that the older businesses could possibly lose some of their customers just because a new store has opened. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true though. Older businesses have the potential to keep the old customers and probably bring in new ones because as more businesses open more people move into an area and this means that there are more customers to actually attract.

A boom in business means a boom in the population. This population should be targeted to shop at older businesses first, and become loyal customers to these old businesses. To do this, older companies have to get the word out there that they were in the city first, and have more experience, and better services than the newer stores. To reach all of these new people though, a new form, or method of communication is present. Websites development in houston has boomed over the past few years. This is because websites are the new medium of getting information from one source to another. Therefore, in this situation, from the old companies to the new residents of the town.

A SEO expert in houston could help these old companies come to the top because they would be reaching customers who are possibly sitting at home looking for a place to shop. If they google the item that they want to purchase at a store and look for locations to buy that item, and the old companies’ location comes up with the help of an seo service in houston, then the customer will likely go to the old store because it has a history and reputation in the town. The old stores and business in Houston don’t have to lose to their competition just because they are not up to date and modern like the other businesses. They can easily use their experience, history, and bond to the town to bring people to their steps and into their stores.

Old businesses in Houston actually have the advantage over newer ones. This is because they not only offer a service that has been offered by them for a long time, but they also offer a service that they can make modern by advertising it on the internet. It would be beneficial for older businesses in Houston to take advantage of this.

As the year 2015 starts, it is more than evident that technology is the revolving force for people all over the United States, and especially in Houston. People use technology such as their phones and ipads and laptops to live their daily lives with the use of applications such as GPS, food locators, small business locators, etc. The use of this technology is important for the small business that are starting up in houston.

When someone decides to have dinner out their most common action is to Google food near them. They then proceed to either the website or the app associated with the food near them. Squaremelons offers mobile application development in Houston. The use of this service can get new small businesses right on the grid with all of their existing competition. Getting mobile app development in houston, is one of the essential steps for a small business to get their service on the web and available to people all over the city.

The days of poster boards and billboards are not past. A company should rather be investing in android application development in houston, and ipad application development in houston. This is because it targets more of the population. a bill board may only target drivers in a certain area, but an application on smartphones targets all smartphone users. It allows customers, or potential customers instant access to the types of services, prices, and even previous customer ratings. This is the easiest and quickest way for a new company or business in houston to get new customers into their stores.

A simple situation today is the fact that many companies face competition in their local areas. There might be two stores that offer the same services located on the same block. How is a customer supposed to decide which store to visit and purchase their product or service from? A customer is more likely to look up both stores are their smartphones and shop at the one that has more good reviews or simply more information posted for the public to see. It would be extremely beneficial for new companies in houston to invest in a software developer in houston to get their business the extra flow of customers that they are fully capable of having access to if they simply use technology as their medium of translating information to them. In 2015, and as the year goes on, technology is becoming more and more available to people and they are allowing the information on these devices decide their actions as to where they eat to where they live and even where they shop.

As many business owners have come to find out the hard way, there are many companies out there that offer services such as software development, web design, ppc and seo services in Houston and the surrounding areas. However, many times after you have paid for a service you may come to find out that you can only contact this company via email, or the phone. This can leave you confused and quite frustrated, especially when you want more information on a certain service or want to know what is going on with our projects on a daily basis. is one of the few companies which offers local seo services in Houston, as well as ppc, software development, web design in Houston and much more. Everything from custom softwares to mobile applications, they will be able to cater to all of your needs. What make their services so much better than the rest of the companies is that they will come meet you in person. Instead of a chat box or email, you can speak with a real person about your project or marketing campaign for weekly or even daily updates. If you don’t understand something, an seo consultant in Houston or web design expert can come to your office and explain the procedure to you.

Their number one priority is getting results, and their number 2 priority is customer service, which means keeping their clients up to date with the latest technologies and marketing channels available to them in order for them to grow their businesses. is one of the few companies that has local seo experts in Houston that will come out to you to explain to you how the process works and the importance of it. By having a person expert to handle your account, you can have changes made to your site and marketing campaign within hours with a simple phone all without having to worry about emailing companies that may not even be located in the US with long response times.

The beauty of this is that if you are a company that likes to make frequent updates of announcements you wont have to wait a few days to make a simple announcement of simple update, instead you can make a phone call or send and email and have your new released within hours.

Remember that if you are looking for the best options for your business, then squaremelons melons will be able to help you because of all the services that can offer you. From custom software development to the web design and marketing.

With so many businesses around these days, it has become very difficult for many new startups and small to medium sized businesses to stand out from their competition. What they don’t realize is that there are a few things they can do to stand out and attract new customers and clients. The 3 main things that companies can do in today’s tech savy time is gain online presence. Not only does it let you target the right type of audience but it gives you a lot of control over what clients will see about your company. If companies follow these 3 simple steps, they can take advantage of the internet when it comes to growing their business and managing their online reputation.

Step 1. Get a website

Many business owners underestimate the power of having a website. Not only does it allow you to get information to your customers immediately but it also allows them to reach out to more people than they would be able to with just a brick and mortar shop set up in a city. By getting a website, they can allow customers to contact them, find them order from them and much more without ever having to leave the store. It also shows the customers that you are a legitimate business that is keeping up with the times.

Step 2. SEO Marketing for your website

Once a website is set up, the next step is usually trying to find ways for customers to find your website and services. For some businesses, referrals and word of mouth works well, but for others it may be hard for others to find their website. SEO marketing is beneficial for quite a few reason. First, by conducting SEO marketing it allows you to reach out to specific type of people. Not only do you end up spreading your website throughout many spots on the internet, but it gives you some control over what your customers will see when they research your company online. Second, it allows you to get an unlimited amount of traffic to your website depending on the industry you are in and the keywords you are targeting. Third, it is the number one way people do online reputation management. This is a long term type of marketing which builds over time, so even if you stop marketing for a bit towards the end the results will stay there.

Step 3. Start doing PPC

It is recommended that companies do both PPC and SEO together. This is because if done properly they can take up more than just 1 spot on the first page of the top search engines. With PPC you website will start getting traffic immediately and you can also gain useful information to modify your SEO campaign in the long run. With PPC you have the ability to set a daily budget so you always know how much you will end up spending in a month. However, when you stop conducting PPC your results will disappear.

Square melons is one of the top seo companies in Houston. For speak with a seo expert in Houston they will be able to send someone to speak with you.

In 2014 many companies started realizing the importance of the internet and online marketing. From small mom and pop shops in a local region to large retailers, many of them started focusing much of their efforts on social media and other online marketing outlets to attract the users they want. Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing lets you be very specific when you are looking for a group of individuals that would be interested in your business. For example if you go on facebook to do online marketing they allow you to choose the age group which you wish to reach out to. Also they let you target people that have liked certain pages that may be related to your business or cause.

With Google, you are able to choose the times and hours of the day you want to advertise also the region in which you want to advertise. So if you are a small cafe in Houston, you may want to target those that are within 5-10 miles from you so you don’t reach out to people that may not come. By using this process not only do you get higher conversion rates but you also end up saving money in the long run.

The first step in doing this type of marketing is having a stable website. For web design in Houston is one of the best places you can go to. Along with being the top seo company in Houston, they are able to meet all of their clients needs when it comes to bringing in traffic and conversions. Finding an seo expert in Houston can be quite hard at times since many companies outsource all of their work and so when you have questions it is hard for you to speak with someone in person to explain the process to you. With squaremelons they make sure to have a seo consultant in Houston available at all times to meet with their clients and give them the attention their business needs.

They offer the top seo service in Houston and an send out a marketing consultant in Houston to come meet with you and talk about what your business needs in order to grow and expand your online reputation.

If you are looking for a web designer in houston or a ppc expert in houston, then will be the best place for you to go to get quality results. With happy and loyal customers they have been able to bring many companies to the top of their niche and look forward to doing the same for many more companies.

There are quite a few marketing companies in Houston that offer leads and results on their ads, however there are not many out there that can back up their words with proven results and happy clients that have remained loyal and stuck with them for years. One seo company in houston which stands out when it comes to this is They go above and beyond to cater to the needs of their clients, and by providing each of their clients with their own personal marketing consultant, they insure that there is transparency and that their clients know exactly what is being done for their business.

Unlike many others that offer an seo service in houston or ppc service in houston relating to Google, Bing, Facebook and other channels, squaremelons is one of the few that will have a personal account representative that you will be able to contact 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it be a phone call, email or in person meeting, they do everything they can to make sure that their clients not only see results, but know how these results are achieved so they understand the underlying practices of clean marketing. With an seo expert in Houston looking over your account details daily, you can rest assured that your work is not being handed over to another company the way many other companies operate.

When it comes to choosing an seo service in Houston or seo company in Houston, you need to make sure that they actually have an seo expert in Houston! You should always make sure to do research to make sure that you are getting the best services for what you are paying. No longer is seo the simple processes of submitting articles to be on the first page of google. It has become a wider and much broader aspect which involves social media marketing, online reputation management, and scores of detailed keywords which you rank for throughout the internet relating to your services to bring in the most valuable and high converting traffic possible. Getting 5000 visitors may sound great, but if not optimized properly only 5-10% of them would convert. It would be much better to have 3000 visitors with over 50% of them converting. There are many small things that go into setting up a proper seo or ppc campaign, and many times clients are not sure of what their best options are and why. is here to answer all of your questions and guide you throughout the whole marketing process as it is a long term processes which the company takes pride it. Getting our clients more clients for their business is our main priority and for that reason we follow all seo and ppc standards according to Google, where many other companies try to cut corner by conducting black hat seo. Remember when it comes to seo and ppc, these are very powerful methods of getting traffic with very delicate structures which must be maintained properly. For more information give squaremelons a call today!



There are many companies out there that offer to get your website on to the first page of google, or guarantee that certain methods will keep you in the number one position above the rest of your competition. Companies that guarantee that you will be in number one position in just a few weeks are ones that you should be wary of and always do research on the company before you approach them.

There have been changes going on in SEO methods for years now, and unfortunately there are companies out there that will try to take advantage of people or businesses that are looking for these types of services but are unaware of how they work or how the industry has changed. No longer is aiming to rank for one keyword in the number one position on google the right method to bring in traffic and conversions for your website. it has not become something bigger than just ranking a couple keywords on google and bing and expecting them to convert into sales or clients.

With the changes google has started making in their search engines, other search engines have started following to ensure that their searchers are always finding the proper information online without having to go through spam and irrelevant content or information. For top quality web design in Houston that is optimized properly you must go to the right company.

In order to conduct SEO properly these days there are quite a few things that must be checked off. All of them can not be listed here, however there are a few basic ones that all companies should be aware of before starting SEO. First off, seo is not a quick thing. It is something that should be seen as a long term strategy to build your online reputation, reach a large amount of viewers and gain trust among the online community as your brand yourself. From active social network accounts, to fresh content updates and user friendly websites, there are many thing that go into your ranking factor when you are trying to gain traffic for your site.

There are certain methods which must be used when the website is first being created. Everything from the name of the website, to the coding used and the content and images on the website must be optimized properly before you can correctly start conduction seo on your website. offers top quality web design in Houston.

By going through a reputable company such as you can rest assured that they have consultants for each of their clients to keep them up to date on the latest seo news which will affect their businesses. By providing you with a top seo expert in Houston, they are able to connect one on one with the businesses to make sure it gets what it needs.

With the switch from computers to laptops, and now laptops to tablets and smartphones, as important as websites may be, they are no longer they only method of marketing. As well as a website may work for a company, there is now another method which must be looked at depending on the industry that you are in. Whether it be a company that offers online services, or just a company that sells cars or products, application development has become a great part in marketing and branding online these days.

For mobile application development in houston, there are not many companies around that are as experience as when it comes to high end quality coded apps. Since they are number one for software development in Houston they have top notch developers that have researched and stayed ahead of the game when it comes to android application development in houston or ipad application development in houston.

By having experts that specialize and dedicate their lives to proper development and clean cut coding, once your app is created and ready to launch, you never have to worry about going back and making changes later in order to have your app better for marketing or branding. Since all apps are custom created by scratch, your app is always one of a kind and designed to fit the needs or your businesses as well as be user friendly for your customers.

When having a mobile app created in houston, there are quite a few companies that offer mobile app services or mobile app marketing services. However, this does not mean that they are qualified to created the best app necessary for your company. Unfortunately, many of these places try to cut corner by using generic softwares that create simple coded apps which can be as simple as plugging in a websites url and it will be converted into an app. When this happens, you are very limited as to what you can do on that app, as well as how well you can market it, When these types of softwares are used to create apps, instead of custom creating them from scratch, many times there are extra pieces of code hidden within the app that can cause your rankings to suffer, slow down the speed of your app, and also other things such as ads and redirects that can take your customers away from your app to other apps or site.

This can be quite harmful at times, especially when it leads a client or customer to another page which may not be safe for them or it takes them to another competitor of yours which thus results in you losing your clients. Not only is this bad for businesses, but it also hurts your branding and reputation online when you are being rated based on your website or apps dependability.

Remember that when it comes to mobile app creation, shortcuts should not be taken and will ensure that you have to best app available for your needs.



How to Optimize a landing page?

With web design having been around for so long, many people have started teaching themselves how to code websites at home and creating projects from what they have learned. This is great for students or those that want to go into web design and build websites for others, but until and unless they get the proper training in creating and optimizing a website, their websites will be good for only projects and show. This is because when coded the wrong way, a website can do more harm than good to your reputation.

By cutting corners when it comes to having a website built for your company, you risk long term harmful effects such as lower conversion rates, damaged image, incompatible marketing sites, and other flaws which can damage the reputation of your company. Since more and more people these days go to the internet versus traditional directories, the first thing they will see is your website when looking for what your company offers.

By going through you are provided a top of the line website created from the bottom up to your businesses customized needs. With the top web developers and designers we ensure that your website is above the competition and perfect for your needs when it comes to consumer conversions. These days, not only is it important to have a well built website that is pleasing to the eyes, but also one that interacts with the consumer and lets you optimize it for marketing purposes. By going through a company that doesn’t build you a website from scratch you risk limiting yourself to certain types of marketing. For example, if you go through wix, or weebly or you may be able to easily create a website, but you won’t be able to modify it as much as you need to in order to raise your conversions and optimize your website for SEO purposes.

When looking for web design in Houston, will ensure that you are pleased all throughout the process when it comes your companies web design. Also for an seo expert in Houston can have someone meet with you one on one to discuss the best options for your companies long term plan so you know what is happening every step of the way.

With the top developers and marketing experts in the area will ensure that you are at the top of your industry when it comes to your website and online marketing. Their top priority is keeping their clients pleased with results to back up their words when it comes to online marketing such as PPC or SEO.

With the constant updates and changing algorithms in google, bing and other major search engines it becomes harder and harder to stay properly optimized and conduct seo. With the smarter search engines, no longer is it possible to rank very quickly with a few press releases and backlinks. With the large increase in the use of the internet, the search engines have started giving importance to websites that can show that they are legitimate and belong among the others in their industry in order to ensure that their searchers always reach the most useful and important information.seo png

The way these search engines rank these websites on how relevant or important they are is based on a variety of different things such as the quality of the content available on the site, the new on the internet about the company, social media presence and much more. By combining various different things, they determine how important your website is and where you deserve to rank for the keywords which you are trying to target in your niche.

By optimizing your website the proper way and with the correct marketing strategy you can become a leader in your niche thus gaining much traffic for your website whether it be for products, services or a cause.

Getting information on certain marketing topics may be difficult but finding an seo expert in Houston is not when you go through squaremelons. They can have an seo consultant sit down with you one on one and explain how the whole process works and which methods or routes would be best for the niche that your company is in. By creating a custom website from scratch you’ll already be ahead of your competition which went the easy route and cut corners for their web presence. For web design in Houston that will always please you and get you the results you’re looking for squaremelons would be your best bet.

By putting quality first they have always aimed to over achieve and deliver more than what the client expects from a company that offers web design in Houston. Remember that when you are thinking of taking the next step and starting a website and marketing for your company, squaremelons will be the one to bring you to the top and take care of all of your needs. Whether it be an seo expert in Houston or web design in Houston, they’ll be able to offer you the best of both services.


Due to majority of the companies building websites to catch up with modern day advertising, many niche market have started seeing their competition creep up the ranks and start taking away some of the valuable online web visitor traffic that you may have been used to seeing come into your site due to your marketing efforts. Unfortunately many website companies and generic website builders such as Yahoo or Godaddy have started offering basic internet marketing services. While these are just the basic ground tools that are provided to users for their websites, when going up against a website that has no optimization done, these generic websites start ranking pretty well.

Thankfully, just basic tools and basic optimization alone is not enough to help these generic sites to rank and compete again custom websites that have been fully optimized to rank and gain traffic from a particular niche. For example, for website design in Houston, is a company that creates full scale custom websites from scratch. For seo service in Houston, or even to just talk in an seo expert in Houston, is more than happy to set up a meeting to help clients better understand how internet marketing has changed, and how it works. With in-house website design in Houston, it makes it easier for them and the client to communicate on a daily basis while not being left in the dark as the marketing goes on.

When it comes to internet marketing today, there are many different platforms that need to be utilized which include but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram and the list just goes on. Some people wonder why it is necessary to use all of these different platforms when in essence they all the same thing. They are social networks, forums and group websites that merely connect many users that have something in common. The benefit of using all different platforms available is that, not everyone uses every platform. By reaching out to all the platforms available, you naturally increase your user base which you can reach with your status, messages, and advertisements. However, just creating social profiles all throughout the internet is not enough. You can not simply blast the same messages all throughout the internet on all of your profiles, because it will end up leading to Google and other search engines to finding your content and labeling it as duplicate content which will make all of your work for nothing and require you to more work in the future to fix the problem.

By making each profile different and reaching out to the individuals on each platform you increase your chances of building a useful use base that you can use in the future for your marketing and advertising. For more information, a specialist from would be more than happy to explain more in detail!

Gone are the days a person could make a website and start getting traffic within a couple days of SEO marketing. What used to once require the slightest amount of work now takes countless hours of research and dedication. When search engines first came out, their algorithms were quite simple, which allowed people to build websites and stuff the web pages with spam keywords called keyword stuffing. With just a few article blasts and press releases, websites were able to rank on the first page of Google for all the keywords they chose.

Eventually however, search engines such as Google and Bing started putting more effort into updating their ranking algorithms to ensure that search results were no longer filled with spam. Thus, all of the spam websites that had useless information started moving down in rank ands sites with more helpful information started ranking higher and gaining more traffic. By changing the way websites were ranked, the search engines forced companies to make sure that they put valuable information online for the public to view. This way, instead of people running across websites that don’t lead them to anywhere useful, people can find websites more relevant to their search terms.

This has led to SEO becoming a never ending researched based marketing strategy. The newest trends, and latest updates need to be researched and proper actions need to be taken at the right time in order to spread your website throughout the internet and rach as many people as possible. By ranking for relevant search terms throughout the internet across a wide range of platforms helps increase the online reputation of your company.

Instead of just articles and press releases, now a company is required to use all platforms available on the internet to keep up their reputations and gain traffic and visitors. With scores of different blogging sites, social networks and forums, weeding out the good from the bad can take quite some time. For that reason, assigns SEO specialists to each and ever one of there clients to ensure that the best of content is created for the company.

“Content is King,” is what is said about internet marketing, and that is one of the major things that have changed throughout the years when it comes to ranking websites and gaining valuable website traffic. The sites that have the most useful content are the ones that end up gaining more traffic and ranking because of the amount of natural shares and link that they’ll gather online with content that readers find useful. This content is usually what is the hardest to compile because it requires extensive research. To reach an seo expert in Houston, has them in office, able to meet their clients and talk on a personal level, unlike companies that have all of there work done overseas with out any direct contact available for their clients.

Website design in Houston is something that specializes in. Along with offering the best seo service in Houston, they also focus on helping the company branding their name so they can help the company leave a mark and be recognized amongst their competition. So remember, the next time website design in Houston or seo is required, a call to could be the different between you ranking or your competitors ranking.

When it comes to internet marketing there are quite a few different methods a company can use to attract an online audience. From Google and Facebook PPC campaigns to organically ranking throughout search engines, different companies have different reasons for using certain types of marketing. Once a company has had success with one method of marketing, they will usually venture into another type to increase their traffic and conversions.

Depending on which marketing platform you use, you’ll have different features available for you to use. For example, with Google PPC you’ll be able to determine which pages your visitors land on depending on the type of keyword they search for. This way they will see pages on your site relevant to their search term and if they find something they are interested in, without having to navigate through yourself themselves, you have likely to increase your conversion rates when it comes to sales or goals. Website design in Houston provided by helps you find the best website design for high conversions.

Certain PPC campaigns also allow you to pick out certain types of targets and specify what type of crowd you are searching for. For example, with Facebook ads, you are able to be very specific as to what type of people you want to view your ads. For a company that is starting a dating website, they can set their Facebook ads to only be shown to those that are single, between a certain age, a certain gender and even those that picked out certain interests such as wanting to date or a relationship. With all the information that sites like Facebook have available to advertisers about their user base, it makes it easier for companies to target to a high converting online crowd.

Many companies start out with PPC to see what type of keywords work best for them, and also to find other keywords they may not have thought of in the past. By seeing which one of their keywords convert properly, they are able to reorganize and come up with updated keyword lists that can help them to creating a highly converting marketing campaign. Once the PPC is set up, companies can use the information gathered to set up an SEO marketing campaign. Since PPC gives quick information, it is one of the best ways to test a company’s potential before starting an SEO campaign. An seo expert in Houston can be found at

SEO is more of a long term solution, whereas PPC is used for immediate conversions. Since with PPC there is a daily cost, it can cut into many of the profits and even lead to loss on certain days or bad marketing weeks. With SEO, once a company reaches an optimal level, they are just required to maintain their rankings and in the long run, they don’t have to pay per click. They end up getting more traffic, and more relevant traffic, which leads to higher conversion rates. With PPC when the marketing stops, so does the traffic, whereas with SEO marketing, the traffic won’t ever really stop unless the website admin really wants it to, in which case most of the time a major change is required.

Whatever the reason may be for marketing, a PPC and an seo expert in Houston is available via


 In today’s time, people have been able to accomplish many of there dreams thanks to the internet. From first time business owners, to writers and even school teachers, everyone how has the ability to spread their message and gain an audience online, which can convert to sales, views, and awareness for a cause.

With the help of the internet there are quite a few ways that people can benefit. For example for a small business, web design in Houston would be available from A website is very important for a small business or any business so that customers can find all the information possible about the website necessary, such as phone number, email addresses, location, menus, products etc. By doing this, not only can a company increase the amount of people they reach tremendously, but they can also cut costs when compared to traditional methods of marketing such as flyers or newspapers.

Another example of how important internet marketing is can be seen when it comes to artists such as writers and musician. Without even using a website, artists are able to gain followers and viewers naturally by using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Since artists are frequently releasing content they are able to stay up to date with their viewers and with the right help, and optimization they can use that quality content they create in order to increase their traffic.

Depending on how big the goals of the company of individual are, the time frame in which the website or page reaches maximum visitor potential will vary. For example, for a small local business trying to gain traffic and rank for a niche that doesn’t have much competition, it may take a few months to rank, and then after that just maintain the rankings. Whereas a larger international company that is trying to rank or gain traffic in a very competitive market may see their marketing taking over 6 months to start working and bringing in converting traffic.

The good thing about internet marketing is that there are many different options available for people to use. From Google adwords on PPC to Facebook and just natural organic SEO marketing, all types of marketing are useful, and when put together can amplify the overall results that a company may see over time. Marketing methods such as PPC may bring in quick results with ideas on how to optimize your SEO campaign whereas the SEO campaign itself would be a long term solution for a company looking to raise online awareness, increase their reputation and stay around for a long time with lower marketing costs then their competitors relying only on PPC

As the internet continues to evolve and smart phones get smarter, people have started using their phones more than their computers and laptops. This is because now there are many apps that are available on phones such as Apples iPhones, and Google’s Androids that allow you to do the same thing you would on a desktop. For example, instead of checking your bank account online, many people can view them from their phones. Instead of going online to find a restaurant, many people can use the apps on their phones to get the answers they need in a matter of seconds by simply clicking a button on a mobile application that was most likely downloaded from the Play store or the online Apple store. Some of these apps are free, while others need to be purchased. Most companies develop two versions of their apps, a free one with basic features and paid version with more premium options.

Many businesses have started taking advantage of this by have mobile apps created for themselves. Whether it be a business, artist, school or charity, everyone can get quality viewers and traffic to spread their cause via mobile apps. A company that conducts quality and up to date mobile application development in Houston would be Since they are one of the top companies that offer custom software development in Houston, they know a thing or two when it comes to creating an attractive and user friendly app that will allow your business to spread throughout the mobile app stores.

While some companies may specialize in just android application development or Ipad application development in Houston, has experienced app developers that can create apps that will be compatible with all platforms, from iPads and iPhones, to android phones and tablets.

By assigning an experience software developer in Houston to each of their clients, they are able to ensure top quality work and excellent service when it comes to mobile application development. Not only will you be able to work closely with the developer to have all of your needs addressed, but you’ll also receive fast and quality work and changes within hours of your request.

By integrating your mobile app or mobile site with your original website and social networking profiles, you allow your company to be spread through the internet and reach to your customers in every way possible. From desktops and laptops, to tablets and mobile phones, if your company is on every platform, your target audience is bound to come across your app or website at some point and find the information they need.

Thanks to growing technology, it is now possible for all businesses, non-profits, government agencies and others to be able to spread and build their brand online and interact with their customers virtually at any time and anywhere

 In today’s time, almost everything is done through the internet. From buying clothes, to finding a restaurant near you, the first thing a person will do is go online and search for what they want. The beauty of the internet is that now small businesses have the opportunity to compete with their bigger competition. Small, medium and large local and international companies have started using the internet to market themselves instead of traditional radio or TV. is one company that can help you with web design in Houston. Not only will they be able to create beautiful pages for your business, but they will also provide you with the best options to get the sales or leads your need every day to keep your businesses running strong. Internet marketing is very complicated and usually takes a great amount of time and research. Seo is a very important method of marketing for companies looking into long term solutions. Companies that offer a seo service in Houston are not usually able to dedicate the time that does into each of their individual clients. By have a seo expert in Houston dedicated to personally analyze each individual client, they are able to ensure that nothing is ever missed, and research never stops.

SEO is great for small and medium companies because it allows them to build an online reputation. Not only does this help when the company is trying to brand themselves, but it will allow their customers to stay up to date with the company news. From blogs and social networks to reviews and listings on popular sites, people use all ends of the internet to get information these days. A website alone is no longer sufficient enough to attract quality website traffic and generate sales

In the process of conducting SEO marketing for your website, your companies’ information will be spread out throughout the internet and your customers will see what you want them to see. A process which is usually determined by the competitive of the niche market a small company or companies with less competition can usually see results in as few as a couple months. Whereas larger companies that are in a more competitive market may have to pursue SEO marketing for many months.

Once your company has a large presence online, it starts to give your company a very good online reputation which is very important when it comes to branding your name. A long term solutions such as SEO is something that all companies should look into, in order to lower long term marketing costs, and increase overall quality converting website traffic.

Whether you’re looking for seo marketing in Houston or website design in Houston, is the number one company you can use to ensure that you receive the results and clients that you deserve.

Web development in Houston can help many local businesses improve their internet footprint.  Having a strong web presence is becoming more crucial to the success of any business.  The website of a business is like its virtual doorstep, and companies that specialize in web development in Houston can help their clients present a business with clean and informative website.

Building a complete and attractive website is the first step in improving business both online and in a storefront.  Web development consists of creating a website that has clean looks that will impress potential customers and also display all important information clearly.  The web development team will look for input to standardize the style and color scheme of the webpages to present a uniform look.  In addition, they can translate that standard look to the web content that is displayed on the pages.  Since the website is many customers’ first impression of a business, web development is crucial.

The next step after web development is marketing the website and improving its search results in search engines.  Many companies that specialize in web development in Houston will also help with search engine optimization and search engine marketing.  Search engine optimization in Houston takes a set of standards for web searches from search engines that determine page ranking, and create content to help improve rankings.  This involves generating new web content and using keywords determined by the business.  Search engine optimization is a slower process but leads to outstanding results in the long run.  Search engine marketing involves pay-per-click advertisements and other paid advertisements when related keywords are searched.

Once a business has an established web presence, web development can go a step farther and turn to software development in the form of proprietary business software or mobile applications.  Software developers in Houston can solve any problem a business might have as it grows.  Inventory, sales tracking, customer directories, and many more problems that come with growth can be solved by software developers in Houston. The reason to use a unique program is that it can be customized to suit the needs of the business instead of changing the business to suit the program.

Web development in Houston can help greatly improve a business.  By starting with an attractive website, the business puts out a better first impression for people.  Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a great way to quickly expand business by driving traffic to the website.  Once a business outgrows its initial organization and tracking skills, custom software development can create unique solutions tailored to the needs of any business.

You’ve just had an idea for the greatest iPhone app of all time! You’re so excited that you start sketching out the entire app on the back of your hand. As you add the final touches, you realize that this back of the hand mockup is not actually an app and you’ll need someone who does iPhone application development in Houston to make your brainchild a reality. Here is the process you should use to find the development in town that is right for you without spending an exorbitant amount of money:

The first thing you should start with is a simple Google search. Through a search, you will be able to see who the top players in the market are for software development in Houston, and it will help you narrow your search by quality and reputation. Make sure that you are not factoring in the first couple of search results that are ads by Google, as that just means that a company paid a lot of money to show you an ad rather than that they are in fact good enough to be on the front page of Google.

You should then check out the businesses that do iPhone application development in Houston and see how good their previous projects are. You can do this by looking at the portfolio portion of their website to gauge the quality of their work and what you can expect. Take it a step further by using their “Request a Quote” feature to give the business an overview of what you are looking for in your app and setting up a time to speak to the company. The company will then be able to quote you on how much the application development in Houston is going to cost. You can meet with a few companies and see who can give you the highest quality work for the most reasonable price.

After speaking with all of the companies that you are considering to develop your ingenious app, it becomes time to make a decision. Make sure to keep in mind how the company spoke to you during your first interactions. You do not want to get into business with a company that you had negative first interactions with regardless of the quality of work or reasonability of price. Building an app can be a long and involved process, and it is paramount that the company you choose is one that you could be happy working with. Then, look at the company who will give you the most bang for your buck. You want to make sure that they are able to deliver a high quality product on a reasonable budget.

Congratulations! You have effectively narrowed down your options to find the best development company that is right for you. Don’t forget your roots when your app makes millions.

You have just stumbled upon what is quite possibly the greatest idea for software that will change the world. You are so ecstatic about the millions that you will make that you make an entire mockup of the application on the back of your hand. After hours of meticulous drawing, you come to the realization that sketching the software out on your body is not actually going to make it come to life and thus you must resort to finding a company that does software development in Houston to make it happen. But where do you start to find a company that will not only do a high quality job, but also gives you a reasonable price? Here is the exact process that you should follow to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck:

First of all, just go to Google and see what comes up. If your ingenious idea is for an app, then you should search for iPhone application development in Houston and look at the top dogs in the market. This way, you are able to narrow your options by reputation and quality. The first couple of results on the page are generally the companies that pay Google to be in their “Ads by Google” section at the top of the page. Be sure to take these companies with a grain of salt, as they are on the front page just by spending a lot of money rather than by ranking at the top for quality of their services.

Next, check out the companies that do software development in Houston and gauge just how good their work is by taking a look at their portfolio page. The companies that have the best in iPhone application development in Houston generally have projects that they have completed in the portfolio section of their website, and you can then see if the quality is what you had in mind. Check to see if their website has a section to “Request a Quote” in order to send them information on your app to schedule a meeting and find out in what ballpark the price of development will be. Meet with a few companies and take note of your interactions and how you feel while you are talking with them.

The most important thing involved in software development in Houston is the relationship you have with the company. You want to make sure that your first meeting with them went very well as it serves as an indicator for how you will feel working with them. Developing an application can be an involved and arduous process, so make sure the company that you end up going with started off on a good foot with you. After vetting the companies with the relationship test, filter further with the budget you have in mind, and then pick one based on the quality they offer.


Congratulations on finding the best development that is right for you! Make sure to keep your ego in check when you’re making your millions.

You may be hearing things about augmented reality development, but what exactly is it? Is it different from iPhone application development in Houston? Why should you care? Here is what it is and why you should already be in the process of getting your business in the augmented reality game:

augmented reality development2
Augmented reality development is the process of enhancing reality with the help of computer generated images. This technology allows you to view how those new rims would look on your car, or see how that leather couch would look in your living room. The power that this bestows upon the consumer is utterly game-changing and consumers will be blown away by the ability to use this technology to better interact with your business.The ever-changing technological landscape can leave you in a perpetual state of playing catch up. When the internet first started taking shape, businesses were initially skeptical and waited until it was normal to have a website. They then had to play catch up with their competitors who were already making online sales. Google became the number one destination to get discovered online, so early adopters invested in search engine optimization in Houston before everyone else, and continue to reap the benefits of dominating the Google rankings. Everyone else is now trying search engine optimization in Houston for their websites and are having a much harder time than they would have had they jumped onboard at an earlier date.

Now, the current craze is mobile apps, and businesses that have yet to start iPhone application development in Houston are hastily trying to keep up with their competitors. The next frontier is to use your smartphone as a portal to gain a more informed understanding of the physical world. Augmented reality development is the way that you can give your customers a revolutionary way to interact with your products or services. This is your chance to be ahead of the curve and jump in while the water is warm, before your competitors even know what hit them.

If there was ever a time to dive into augmented reality development, that time is now. There are only a small number of companies that are already doing it, but more and more are discovering this groundbreaking technology. They are doing iPhone application development in Houston that allows for a truly immersive experience for their customers that will soon become the standard across the board. This is your opportunity to push the future forward, so be an early adopter to revolutionize your business and get ahead.

The face of business development changes so often, it might be hard to keep up. One day it’s online marketing, and the next, it’s mobile technology. It can get frustrating, but change is what propels society forward and it’s what brings customers to your doorstep.

An old (or bad) website can actually divert potential clients away from your business, but I’m sure you knew that. There are two issues: First- it’s quite hard to know whether your site needs an overhaul if customers don’t say so, so you’ll need to consult the services of a web development team for ideas. However, therein lies the second issue: investing in newer, more eye catching website design is the way to go if you want to stay afloat, but there are several things to consider before jumping in.

1.    Why Are You Making the Change?

Developers need to know what you’re trying to change up before they start creating your new platform. Some parts of the page might be revolutionary while others may look like they’re from MS DOS. Make sure to not change the site layout too frequently because it may anger regular customers. Frequent layout changes also indicates terrible web development oversight.  So do it right.

Is the issue about a confusing interface, increasing accessibility or improving search engine standings (or all of the above)? It’s your job to highlight what needs changing to save yourself some time and money. Plus, developers need to know what to address before they start working.

2.    CSS Modifications

A website’s appearance may not be that great, but sometimes, you can adjust the site’s appearance by altering the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file to avoid a major overhaul.

3.    Hiring the Right Web Team

In an ideal situation, you want to change site design only once to keep everyone happy. Obviously this will never be the case and you’ll probably need a new site layout once in a while, but by hiring a quality web development company will keep the frequency of changes down.

Do some research and listen to word of mouth- usually this will guide you to a good firm. Hiring the wrong guys can cost you serious time and money.

4.    Site Layout Implications

If you need enough changes in webpage layout to warrant hiring a web development company, you’ll need to be able to visually see the impacts a new design can have on operations. Most quality companies will use a set of algorithms to check on-site and off-site traffic analytics to check traffic- these results can help you predict business output. Try testing a few pages at a time.

Make sure to back up the old design in case anything terrible happens, but if you do your research well, you should be satisfied with your new web layout. Square Melons is a Houston- based website development company that has built a solid reputation by providing clients the information and hands on tools to create a customized website that not only looks great, but also increases traffic! Their team of creative coders can tackle any project at an affordable price- so check them out today!

Today’s social environment is all about having information at your fingertips- at the touch of a button. The fact that people rely so heavily on their phones, tablets, etc for day to day enjoyment has drastically changed the business management game. At first, website development was the crux of the business world, then came social media, and now, mobile apps. When the world is changing so rapidly, it’s difficult to keep up, but it’s necessary in order to keep your business afloat in today’s hectic setting.

From the inside, there are quite a number of differences between small companies and large business- like workforce and market, but when you take a step back, it’s really all the same. Both need a solid business model, quality employees, a highly functional website with integrated social media, and mobile apps. Mobile applications can help you extend your reach into the marketplace – gaining new customers while shaking things up so you can retain the loyal ones. People need the ability to get the information they want in the manner that they want. Keeping track of finances, new fashion trends, or sports scores is easy online, but having all of the details consolidated within an eye catching and easy to use app makes your company really shine.

The benefits are massive. You’ll be able to:

• build a modern brand
• strengthen loyalty
• heighten visibility and credibility
• increase accessibility
• connect with customers like never before

Having an awesome mobile app makes things much easier for consumers, which makes selling your product to them that much easier. Customers can benefit in a number of ways, including:

• Gaining new information about the company
• Visualizing products/services in a much clearer format
• Receiving special deals and loyalty discounts
• Having company access at their fingertips
• Tracking patterns

Creating a mobile app is pretty difficult, but if one well, it can be a wonderful marketing tool that your company can use for years to come. It’s in your best interest to seek the help of a quality app development company to help you out- a company like Square Melons. They’ve made a name for themselves in the Houston community by providing state of the art mobile app technology to clients at affordable rates. It’s time you check them out!

In today’s world, everyone claims that they’re the best web/app developer around and unfortunately for you, you’re stuck between choosing an unqualified programmer and an expensive software firm. Where on Earth do you go for the ones in the middle?

1. Local Gatherings

Many cities across the United States have some sort of local meet-up for app developers and clients to discuss and collaborate on projects. If you simply Google “Houston Android Meet” or “New York iOS Meet”, you’ll be given a wide range of gatherings aimed at suiting your needs. Most of the time, these meetings will consist of prospective clients or people with ideas coming in to either discuss pricing or pitch their ideas, respectively. This can be a great tool to use if you’re stuck and searching for a qualified developer to help you out.

2. Mailing Lists

Many high profile developers can do work for you, but you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for it. A great alternative for those who like research is to find a good developer’s mailing list. Generally these will consist of other contractors who are more than capable of doing the job at a rate that won’t make your eyeballs fall out.

3. Conferences

If you’re interested in the world of web development and have some time to kill, a great way to find a high quality programmer/web developer is via a developer conference. There are tons every year in every region imaginable. Obviously, you’ll have to pay to attend, but there’s a high chance that you’ll find somebody of interest to you.

4. Social Media

Finally, the most common and also most misused way of finding quality developers is through social media. Some people prefer to sift through Facebook and Linkedin pages to find someone who can take up a job, but oftentimes, they become a recruiter hotspot and your messages could easily be regarded as spam. The best places to look for developers are Twitter and A simple search by keyword can filter the results and you can find a serious developer in no time flat.

Improving the visibility of a newly created company is tough. Like really tough. You can put in months and moths of web development but stagnate in Google’s highly advanced algorithm. You’ll need as help as you can get when it comes to improving you search engine ranking, so here’s a few tips on how to get your company where you want it to be.

Never underestimate the power of social media. As much as I would love for this to include networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the effect they have upon search engine results still is up in the air. What I’m referring to here is Google’s +1 tool. Recently, Google has introduced a social voting system with the advent of their +1 button which allows users to upvote or in some cases, block websites that contain great and lousy content, respectively. Few know how Google’s algorithm’s really work, but they have stated than blocking a website will actually provide a negative impact on search engine results.

Advertising is generally a great tool for websites to finance their operations or even make money, but in Google’s SEO guidelines, advertising too much can have negative effects on returns. A page that contains an overabundance of advertisements is synonymous with a low quality or spam sites. A good way to avoid getting penalized for ads is to make sure it doesn’t obstruct material on the site.

The third and arguably most important factor that determines your company’s Google viability comes down to content and links. Writing blogs and press releases filled with the properly recognized keywords are great ways for companies to slowly increase the number of indexed pages on Google. Lately, Google has realized that some search engine optimization firms (like ezine) had been using loopholes in the system to churn out hundreds of low-quality content to increase the amount of hits, so they decided to update their algorithm drastically. The new Panda update has over 500 changes to previous versions of Google guidelines and thus, quality is valued over sheer quantity. Don’t get me wrong, the best way the move up the ladder is by putting out a lot of content and links, but remain focused on providing top notch quality.

The most important takeaway here is that quality is now being valued over quantity, so you’ll need smart, eloquent and knowledgeable search engine optimization consultants to help you along the way. This is where Square Melons comes in. With experienced and reliable staff, Square Melons team of SEO analysts will greatly improve your company’s visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. They aren’t limited to SEO work only though!


I doubt anyone would argue that web development isn’t directly correlated with the success of a business. What is up for discussion is how crucial developing a company webpage is- and in my opinion, it is the single most important element of a growing business. Studies across the United States and abroad note that seventy five percent of internet users judge the credibility of a webpage based on its design. This credibility factors into how much faith a prospective customer will put into your company and/or your product, so you end up losing valuable money by maintaining a mediocre webpage.

Easily navigable pages and eye catching visuals can add that element of spark that many companies would kill for. It takes a skilled web developer to create something worthy of attention, but there are plenty out there who are willing to help you out.

Some growing businesses operate solely using offline channels like newspapers and radio ads. If done well, this type of advertising will alert people to your existence (assuming you’re from a town where word of mouth travels fast), but if you don’t have a quality website to make you stand out, people will slowly forget about what it is exactly that you do. You need an online presence to communicate in a more eloquent and aesthetically pleasing manner what your brand is all about and why it’s different from the rest.

Integrating your company with social media and its associated platforms is really the best way of connecting with your followers. For example, small and large businesses alike have started (it’s been a few years) using tools like Twitter and Facebook to not only put themselves out into the community, but also find out what customers like, don’t like and want out of your company. This can help you get more customers and improve upon products that currently produce. Seems to me like a win-win. The best way to incorporate social media is via a webpage. Quality web developers can integrate RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook seamlessly into working components of your website.

Essentially, a highly visible, professional and organized website should convince people to check out your company and your product- and hook them! You want to keep them occupied. It’s obviously harder than it looks since developing a high-traffic webpage takes plenty of coding standards and cross platform compatibility, but a good development agency should have no problem with this.

Square Melons, a web development company based out of Houston, can take care of all your digital marketing needs from app development to search engine optimization consultation. Their experienced staff can take on any project and transform it into whatever you’d like it to be. If you want to compete in today’s digitized marketplace, make sure Square Melons is the web company you contact!